Car dealers that accept learner licence

How does it work?

Car dealers that accept learners licence - is a huge question when it comes to NZ car loans and finance, but is it relevant? In CarPow's experience having a learners licence isn't a huge factor in not being able to purchase a new car on finance. All finance companies used by CarPow will accept this type of licence from customers, but as you would expect the repayment interest rate can differ.

Why would the repayment amount change if a customer has a learner licence?

Well the best answer we can give is that the relative risk of the driver having an accident are increased due to not being fully compliant with the licensing requirements. Car insurance is also more expensive and so the possibility of a customer allowing or requesting to cancel their insurance is higher too.

Car dealers surprisingly though have no issues with accepting a learner licence with purchases or with the finance and car loan requirements.

Yes, customers with learners' licenses can apply for financing through our dealership. Approval will depend on the lender's criteria, which typically include factors beyond just the type of driving license held.

Absolutely! We accept trade-ins from drivers with any class of license. The value of your trade-in can be applied to your new purchase or lease.

In addition to your learner's license, you'll need to provide proof of income, residency, and insurance. Specific requirements may vary, so please contact us for a detailed list.

Yes, we can help customers with no credit history secure financing. We have programs specifically designed for first-time buyers.

Stock changes every day depending on what our customer’s purchase but we can typically provide each and every popular vehicle in NZ including buying into stock for you. We have storage yards in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch to service the whole country. Check out the Vehicles page on this website for more accurate listings.

Yes, we offer trade-in options for customers looking to upgrade their vehicle. Our team will provide an appraisal of your current vehicle and work with you to apply the trade-in value towards your new purchase.

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