Auckland Car Loans

Looking for a car loan in Auckland?

Are you looking for a car loan in Auckland? Maybe you are looking to purchase your first new vehicle and are looking for someone to help give a hand with that initial purchase? Or maybe your current old motor has had one visit to the service shop too many and decided it’s time is up and you need a quick decision on credit approval to let you go from A to B.

It could be you have decided its time for an upgrade on your car and want to get the best options of finance you can find to help. No matter what your situation, we’re here to help.

CarPow has helped out countless drivers across the Auckland region. Not only do we offer Auckland motorists the chance to secure the finance approval needed to make their new car purchase but we can also supply the vehicle to meet their needs too.

At CarPow we pride ourselves on being able to quickly and efficiently give our customers a decision and expected repayment amount with the minimum of fuss. Why wait? Take control of your finance today and put yourself in the driver’s seat with CarPow’s car finance service for Auckland.

Why should I use a Car Loan for my new car?

The concept of a Car Loan isn’t new. Most people would find the idea of paying out one lump sum for their new vehicle simply too much for their finances to handle and so many Kiwis choose to pay for their motor in installments.

This type of arrangement has traditionally taken place inside a car dealership, where the dealer holds all the control. Many motorists, in Auckland and all over New Zealand, no prefer to shop around and secure their Car Finance or Loan online before they even start to look at what to buy.

Using the online first method this allows you to gain access to more than one finance option and give you access to the best rates in the market but also know what kind of budget you have to spend on your new car according to your credit history and financial situation. Applying with CarPow for your car loan in Auckland is the best way to make sure that you get the deal that’s right for you and that you don’t let the emotion of an in person purchase take over.

The best news is that our simple application process, gives you lending decisions within an hour or so, including an accurate repayment amount for your approval amount.

Where can I find a Car Loan in Auckland?

As the biggest city in the whole of New Zealand, it will come as no surprise that Auckland has a very high number of dealerships and car showrooms. No matter what make or model you’re looking at, you can be sure to find a car that’s perfect for you in the city of sails. The difficult part will always be finding the cash to pay for such a large purchase in one go, with most decent motors costing much more than a typical person can save up.

This is where CarPow is here to help. We are able to offer car financing and car loans right across the whole Auckland region, let us show you what we can do when it comes to buying your perfect car.

From the North Shore and Albany in the north to central areas like Ellerslie and Kingsland, Manukau, Manurewa, and Papatoetoe in the south to locations out east like Henderson or further south like Papakura, CarPow have a car loan plan to help you.

CarPow also have direct relationships with many of New Zealand’s top dealerships and carry our own vehicles in stock too, giving you access to tried and trusted vendors of vehicles who can be counted on to supply the goods. Its of little surprise that we are one of the leading providers of motor finance in Auckland today.

How CarPow works?

With our foundations in the UK car market in 2007 and in NZ since 2012, CarPow are the latest incarnation with our whole aim to make the process of buying a car as simple as possible. Our advanced technology is designed to assist you every step of the way and make the whole process as stress free as possible.

Complete the online application

We have tried to keep things as simple as possible and remove unnecessary steps to the process meaning you can complete our application in little than 1 minute. No credit check is done until we have reviewed your affordability and decided the loan looks good for pre-approval. We can then give you a fast decision for your car loan.

Choose your perfect car

Once you have idea on how much you are able to lend, you can narrow your search to include only vehicles within your budget. Our vehicle experts will work with you to provide options to consider from reputable dealerships we work with and our own vehicles in stock. You are also able to search our listings in advance too!

Drive your new motor

When you have decided on your dream new car and have signed our digital documents from any mobile device all you need to do is sit back and await our delivery date to your door or work. If you want to collect in person that can be arranged also once your new car has been prepared to the high standard we expect. In many cases once your vehicle has been chosen we can sign up and pay for the purchase the same day meaning you can often be driving your new vehicle very quickly.

Frequently Asked

Do you offer Cars for Auckland?

Of course! We have locations in many areas in New Zealand and Auckland has one of our main storage facilities with the latest imported arrivals. Some customers collect their car in person and others ask for delivery to their door or even workplace.

Where do we need to come to apply?

We are 99% online these day’s with very few customers stepping foot inside our Finance engine room. If you have access to a mobile phone thats all you will need for literally everything for your Auckland Car Loan.

I have terrible credit can you help?

Yes, we like to think we are Auckland Car Finance experts and this certainly means we see plenty of very difficult cases. The finance companies we use are not just for perfect ratings and CarPow is a finance broker who also sells cars not a car dealer that does finance.

How much will it cost?

While we can give you estimates the repayment amounts will depend on many things including credit rating, price of vehicle and how long you repay your loan over.