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To allow us the ability to view your last 3 months bank statements all you need do is click the secure link provided and enter your customer number and password. We instantly receive all the information we need to get your loan assessed. We also make this affordability assessment available for you to download so you can see exactly what our lending team are looking at.

If you are in receipt of some form of benefit from WINZ or IRD we ask for you to also upload a screen-shot of this payment amount so we can add onto your income. More income = more affordability which can lead to higher chance of success and also loan size amount.

Yes. CarPow are market leaders when it comes to finance for a reason. We utilise a wide variety of lending providers to ensure we can offer solutions to as many of our customers as possible. Bad credit is simply a factor of life for a great number of people so at CarPow our team are experts at getting the very best outcomes. Providing you are able to show that you can afford the repayments of the car loan then we have a great chance of a successful outcome for your bad credit car loan.