How Does CarPow Work

Top Five Improvements to get approved for a car loan

Top Five Loan Application Improvements

Avoid Payment Dishonors

The quickest way to reduce your chances of the best rates or to be approved is to have rejected payments on your bank statements.

Reduce ATM withdrawls

Another simple fix to improving your approval chances with poor credit is to stop of reduce withdrawals from the ATM!

Avoid Gambling

Gambling can suggest to the lenders you might struggle to manage your finances. Can it be seen on your statements?

Upgrade your Learners Licence

Having a learner license puts you in a much higher risk factor than someone with a Restricted or Full.

Repayment Arrangements

Even if you have big debts, start to set up repayment plans no matter how small the amount you pay.

Why CarPow

Applying online only takes a couple of minutes

Online Customer Portal

See exactly where your loan is upto 24 hours a day, download documents and even pick your perfect vehicle from our instant buy stock list.

View Car Loan Updates 24/7

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We Have Great Answers

What Will you need?

We have tried to keep our application as quick as possible to save you time and stress. Our team will need to know a bit about you so we can process your application against our different lenders criteria.

CarPows technology let’s you take a picture with your smartphone and upload both sides directly into our system.

To allow us the ability to view your last 3 months bank statements all you need do is click the link provided and enter your customer number and password. We instantly receive all the information we need to get your loan assessed.

If you are in receipt of some form of benefit from WINZ or IRD we ask for you to also upload a screen-shot of this payment amount so we can add onto your income.