Consolidation loans with bad credit

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We have tried to keep things as simple as possible and remove unnecessary steps to the process meaning you can complete our application in little than 1 minute. No credit check is done until we have reviewed your affordability and decided the loan looks good for pre-approval. We can then give you a fast decision for your car loan.

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Once you have idea on how much you are able to lend, you can narrow your search to include only vehicles within your budget. Our vehicle experts will work with you to provide options to consider from reputable dealerships we work with and our own vehicles in stock. You are also able to search our listings in advance too!

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When you have decided on your dream new car and have signed our digital documents from any mobile device all you need to do is sit back and await our delivery date to your door or work. If you want to collect in person that can be arranged also once your new car has been prepared to the high standard we expect. In many cases once your vehicle has been chosen we can sign up and pay for the purchase the same day meaning you can often be driving your new vehicle very quickly.

Consolidation loans with bad credit

One of the options that we are often asked for by customers, is can they consolidate several loans or finance agreements into a new one. This makes sense as it gives the customers only one payment to make as opposed to multiple, on multiple days and can often make managing finances a simpler task.

One of the biggest types of consolidation we carry out is adding a second existing loan balance to the customers new car loan they take out. This helps many ways and for the lender gives them some security over the new loan but also for the customer as can give them a lower interest rate or repayment amount.

Consolidation loans with bad credit are not necessarily a problem as we do what we say at CarPow and we feel we are the market leader in getting difficult loan applications approved. From our experience its about being realistic though. Example being a lender will still wish to keep the total loan amount reasonable related to the vehicle it is secured on. If a customer has a property then this can make things a lot easier too as we can look to secure the whole package against the home – often on a longer repayment term.

In summary consolidation loans with bad credit are certainly an option so please ask your consultant if this is something you would like us to look at.